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Our Partnership with Thermos® 

Han Star's partnership with Thermos dates back to 1994 when Han Star first introduced the innovative Thermos thermal cooker to Canada. The cooperation between the two parties has led to Han Star Co. becoming the official distributor for Thermos in 2002.

Thermos is one of the most recognizable brands in the world for high quality vacuum insulated containers. Thermos has the reputation to keep hot things hotter and cold things cooler. For more information on Thermos:


How Thermal Pot Works?


Safer: It is not a pressure cooker; there is no power cord, no switch attached to the cooker, so no need to worry about electrical issues.

Convenience: After the food is boiled, there is no need for external energy while thermal cooking; food will keep warm automatically after the food is ready.

Economical: Decreases utility cost, economizes time and energy.

Healthy: Food prepared in Thermal Cooker does not lose it nutritional value while cooking and transporting food.

User Friendly: Hard to over cook meals; easy to clean.

Recipes with Thermos

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