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About Han Star Co.

Han Star Co. Ltd. began importing tape rewinders and cleaning products for electronic goods, later diversifying expanding to karaoke mixer, microphone, microphone cables and stands, etc.

A pioneer at the time, Han Star began bringing Japanese designed Thermos Thermal Cooker and other Thermos insulated products in 1994. Our best seller, Thermos Thermal Cooker, is an innovative product that makes cooking easier and more energy efficient. In 2002 marked Han Star officially becoming the distributor of Thermos products in Canadian Asian Market. By 2004, Han Star expanded its market to the Asian communities in the United States.

Sensing the evolving market, Han Star Co. Ltd. decided to diversify into energy-efficient lighting in 2009. On July 2012, Hanstar Optoelectronic Inc was established as an official subsidiary of Hanstar Co.Ltd. Hanstar Optoelectronic Inc provides top-quality, state of the art LED lighting products with market-competitive rates. Whether if the lighting project is for your household or commercial use.